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Aharon Appelfeld - a view to the past from the Jewish perspective/ Aharon Appelfeld, czyli spojrzenie na przeszłość z żydowskiej perspektywy

Through the ages the history and culture of the Jews have firmly rooted in the European culture, which can be proved by literature. There are many writers of Jewish origin who are an intrinsic part of national literatures of European countries and whose origin and connection to Jewish tradition influence their uniqueness and make them stand out among other authors. If you had ever come across Bruno Schulz's and Isaac Babel's literary output, you must have noticed their extraordinary style stemming, inter alia, from their Jewish roots. Today I'd like you to become acquianted with another writer of Jewish origin – Aharon Appelfeld who was born in the area of present Ukraine (in 1932 it was a part of Romanian territory) and at present he lives in Israel and works at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
Appelfeld's youth was not a bed of roses and so was the youth of many of his peers. When the writer was nine, his mother was murdered shortly after the Romanian Army took o…

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