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ONUKA - the definition of Ukrainian beauty/ ONUKA, czyli definicja ukraińskiego piękna

In this post I am going to show you a wonderful group of musicians I stumbled upon thanks to this year's Eurovision final. However, the group does not belong to the contestants. They presented their music during counting the votes. If you had watched the final, it should ring a bell. I would like to introduce the Ukrainian group called ONUKA. 

In the article published by Brand New Anthem after this year's Eurovision Song Contest it was said that ONUKA and Jamala, the winner of the previous edition, had won this year's edition, and I can agree with this statement. Although this year there were a great many remarkable artists creating decent alternative music, it should be emphasised that what was missing was the atmosphere of the songs written by ONUKA. The music created by the Ukrainian group is usually defined as electro-pop, however, due to the wide meaning of this notion, it should be added that the music by ONUKA is not similar to the one we are familiar with thanks to…

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